Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Okay, so it's been a while...and I mean A WHILE!  The past year I've been working on a series called "Dad's Tall Tales," inspired by the exaggerated stories my dad told of his childhood.  I may have mentioned it in previous posts, but I hardly remember any movies I watched last week.  So I'm going to tell you AGAIN!

In my Illustration 3 class (2012), I painted three paintings for "Dad's Tall Tales," which I submitted to the Communication Arts annual.  It didn't get in of course, but never quit submitting!

Anyway, that spurred an entire body of work called "Dad's Tall Tales." Here are the first three.  All are the same size, 9x16", and are painted in acrylic.

These are the pieces I did last semester.  I did a total of seven pieces, but these are only three.  I'll post the others as soon as I can.  

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